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Thursday 27th March 2014, 04:02 London

EU imposes ban on Indian produce

Five fresh fruit and vegetable lines barred after “significant shortcomings” in the phytosanitary certification system

EU imposes ban on Indian produce

Indian mangoes are one of five products banned by the EU

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India has had its market access for five fresh produce lines revoked by the European Union (EU).

The ban, which affects imported Indian mangoes, aubergines, taro and bitter and snake gourds, was endorsed by EU Member State experts at the Standing Committee on Plant Health on Wednesday, 26 March.

The move comes after several apparent breaches of the EU’s phytosanitary import requirements, according to the European Commission, which claimed pests not native to the EU were found in 207 consignments of fresh fruits and vegetables from India during 2013.

While the products listed under the ban represent less than 5 per cent of total produce imports from India to Europe, the commission claimed the introduction of new pests “could pose a threat to EU agriculture and production".

The ban is set to take effect from May this year and will be reviewed by December 2015.

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Old Comments
  • Regarding EU imposed ban on Mangoes and other items, why ban those products, instead ban those firms whose track record regarding pests and MRL issues has been consistently bad. There are firms/companies who have been meeting all the required norms & exporting fresh produce from India without any issues.

  • European bureaucrats need to be more consistent in their approach to banning produce from India( why single out Indian produce)?
    Over the years deadly spiders have been found in shipments of bananas from the Carrebian Islands but I don't see EU being up in arms about it.
    Is this a ploy to make sure that make sure the consumer buys home grown products at the expense of Indian farmers??
    Besides Indian mangoes have been imported to this country for the last 100 years odd and during this time if there has been not threat to local produce due to so call pests brought in by mango imports .
    Suddenly what has changed so drastically that could pose a threat to local produce??
    I am one for getting rid of unelected cronies in Brussells.

    Ajit Patel

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