Urban Fruit targets next generation

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Urban Fruit targets next generation

Fruit snacking firm undergoes redesign targeted directly at younger consumers, and lines-up two new products

Urban Fruit targets next generation

One of the new flavours

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Fruit snacking company Urban Fruit has launched a vibrant redesign into market, targeted directly at younger consumers.

The redesign focuses on a simple, striking design aimed at communicating the brand’s point of difference. The tone and style of the brand reflects the simplicity of the product itself.

Two new flavours will also be released next month.

Company founder, Giles Brook, said: “We launched Urban Fruit to give consumers the genuinely healthy snack that they were asking for and to make fruit snacking simpler and more engaging- both in terms of the product that was made, and the way that we spoke. From the outset we wanted to show consumers that fruit snacking was anything but ‘dry’- our approach has brought a younger demographic and families into the category.”

“A lot of funny business has crept into the category- sugars, concentrates, sulphites, oils- and we can’t understand this. If you use the best fruit, there’s really no need for it, you just have to keep it really simple.”

Working directly with over 200 farmers, rather than via distributors, the brand has focussed on baking techniques to ensure that the fruit retains its natural goodness.

Picking fruit that is perfectly ripe, and then baking at low temperatures, rather than blasting, ensures that the natural nutrients of the fruit are maintained.

Banana flavour, and a Blueberry & Blackcurrant mix, join the existing range of Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cherry, Apple & Pear, and Apricots next month.

Supporting the NPD and redesign will be a wide-scale campaign driving trial and awareness.

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