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UK family's shock as deadly spider 'found in bunch of bananas'

Mother and young daughter's horror as Costa Rican fruit bought from Tesco is believed to be housing Brazilian Wandering Spider

UK family's shock as deadly spider 'found in bunch of bananas'

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Imagine handing a six-year-old a banana, only to discover that it has a spider cocoon on it, which then starts to hatch?

That's exactly what Maria Layton, 43, claims happened to her and her daughter Siri after opening a bag of bananas bought from a Tesco store.

According to the Western Daily Press, the bananas were exported from Costa Rica, and Layton believes this particular batch were playing host to a Brazilian Wandering Spider - one of the world's most deadly arachnids.

Layton told the West Country newspaper: "My husband bought the bananas from Tesco, and they had been in the house a whole day before I ripped the bag open.

"Siri asked for a banana. The first banana had a funny bit on it, so I got another one for her and that was when I found the massive spider cocoon.

"There was spider web on the other bananas too. I was so scared - I don't like spiders at the best of times, but have read about Brazilian Wandering Spiders - and was very frightened about the potential threat to my family.

"The spider cocoon started to unfurl so I put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as I read that that is supposed to kill them."

The mother-of-two - whose location is not disclosed - immediately called Tesco customer services, who told her to take them back to the shop she bought them from, according to the Western Daily Press.

But Layton said: "Tesco were a bit useless, I was really concerned about the possibility of this dangerous spider and spider eggs in my house and really wanted some helpful advice on how to act. I wasn't sure if other spiders or eggs had escaped when I ripped the bag open.

"I posted the picture on Tesco's Facebook page, and they told me to send the wrapper in so they could get the barcode to refund me. I was shocked, they failed to see the potential threat to me and my family and thought I was only interested in having a pound or so back.

"I called Food Standards, but they said it wasn't anything to do with them, I called Trading Standards, but they were shut. I spent about an hour-and-a-half ringing round trying to get some help - while I had this potential killer spider in the house."

A spokesperson for the retailer, said: "Our policy is for the customer to take the product back to the store where it can be investigated. We don't have a service whereby someone can go out to the home."

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