UK couple find edible kiwifruit 'growing in their garden'

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UK couple find edible kiwifruit 'growing in their garden'

Jane Manssuer's partner even tried one of the five kiwifruits they claim to have found, and said that it tasted 'quite nice'

UK couple find edible kiwifruit 'growing in their garden'

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An East Yorkshire couple claim to have discovered kiwifruit growing in the bottom of their garden.

Jane Manssuer, 56, told the Hull Daily Mail that her partner discovered the fruit growing at the bottom of their garden in Swanland, East Riding, on 29 December.

The couple said they "couldn't believe it" as they had no idea the plants were there, or that kiwifruit could be grown in that part of the UK.

Manssuer told the news outlet: "My partner found five of them. We couldn't believe it at first, but they look like kiwis, and they definitely looked even more like them when I cut one open.

"My partner had a taste of one as well, and said it was quite nice."

She called the previous owners of the house to ask if they knew anything about them, but they were unable to help.

Manssuer added: "This house is more than 200 years old. If we didn't know about them, and the previous owners didn't either, then maybe they have been planted here for all those years."

Kiwifruit traditionally grows in much warmer climates, with key supply nations being Italy, Greece, New Zealand and Chile.

While they can potentially grow in colder temperatures, the Hull Daily Mail noted that the discovery was made even more unlikely by the fact that kiwifruit require a particular balance of male and female species to pollinate next to one another.

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