New refill technology could halve waste at retail

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New refill technology could halve waste at retail

Technology that automates shelf refill decisions will benefit grocery retailers by replacing 'gut feel' replenishment in stores

New refill technology could halve waste at retail

New technology can automatically replenish produce in stores 

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Situations where produce is unavailable for customers or wasted as surplus could be cut by up to 50 per cent by using automated technology.

Cloud software company Blue Yonder has released its new Replenishment Optimisation technology to improve grocery trading performances.

The replenishment and pricing solution uses algorithms to optimise decision-making. The company already offers the technology to solve ambient replenishment optimisation, and it is now available to retailers across Europe and the US.

This comes at a time when retailers are struggling against a backdrop of profitability and significant changes in consumer lifestyles, according to Blue Yonder.

Blue Yonder founder Michael Feindt said: “The real battle for grocery success lies in fresh and getting that right profitably. The struggle is unsurprising as ‘gut feel’ replenishment for fresh is still common. According to our survey of 750 grocery retail managers and directors across the globe, 46 per cent grocery managers and directors still use manual processes for replenishment.”

The new technology automates replenishment decisions at the lowest level of business. This allows retailers to align category plans to daily trading decisions and close the gap between trading and supply chain. 

Kemal Koeksal, vice president for product management at Blue Yonder, said: “We have worked together with the industry to come up with additional functionality that we expect will reduce out of stock or waste scenarios by up to 50 per cent – importantly improving service levels and margin contribution.”

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