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Monday 10th April 2017, 11:35 London

Great Fruit Adventure wins Number 10 award

Max MacGillivray has received the Points of Light award and a personal letter from Prime Minister Theresa May

Great Fruit Adventure wins Number 10 award

Max MacGillivray on the Great Fruit Adventure 

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Founder of the Great Fruit Adventure Max MacGillivray has received the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award along with a letter from Theresa May.

The Points of Light award recognises “outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community”, according to its website.

In a personal written letter, May said: “Through ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’, you are inspiring thousands of children to learn about the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables, helping them to develop healthier attitudes to eating.”

MacGillivray and Gareth Jones recently travelled from London to Cape Town by motorbike, visiting produce companies along the way and raising awareness among communities and schools about the opportunities in the sector.

The second phase of the project sees the duo talking about their trip in schools across the UK to help children learn where fruit and veg comes from, and encourage healthy eating.

MacGillivray is also in the process of creating books for schools about fresh fruit’s journey from planting to plate.​

He said: “I am truly honoured to receive the Points of Light award. Seeing the ongoing issue of childhood obesity in the UK and onternationally we knew we had to do something proactive to make a difference.

“Kids need to be educated in a fun and informed manner about making healthy eating choices and why they should eat more fantastic fresh produce.

“But we have only just started on our mission. We have so much more to show and create and present to kids, their schools and their families about healthy eating and fresh produce. To have this endorsement from the Prime Minster is going to accelerate our healthy eating cause enormously. Thank you!”

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