Needles ‘found in Morrisons green beans’

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Needles ‘found in Morrisons green beans’

Supermarket chain recalls trimmed green beans after metal needles discovered inside 13 beans in Glasgow and Manchester

Needles ‘found in Morrisons green beans’

Morrisons has recalled certain batches of trimmed beans
Credit: Morrisons

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Morrisons has recalled certain batches of its green beans after two customers claimed to have found needles concealed inside the vegetables.

The Sun reported that needles were discovered by two separate customers 200 miles apart in Glasgow and Manchester with both discovering needles in their beans around the Easter weekend. In total, 13 metal needles were found by the two customers, according to the newspaper.

Margaret Lynch, 49, from Glasgow was chopping the beans when she discovered 12 needles inserted lengthways into the beans she had bought at a Morrisons store in the city, according to The Sun.

Sarah Parry, 41, reportedly found the other needle in Manchester when it stabbed her in the gums while she was eating.

The supermarket chain’s recall, announced on the Food Standards Agency website on 20 April, applies to 170g packs of trimmed beans with ‘display until’ dates of 22 April, 23 April and 24 April. No other Morrisons products are known to be affected.

A spokesperson from the retailer said: “We have been made aware of two incidents involving metal being found in two packets of green beans. The health and safety of our customers is our top priority, so as a precaution, we are recalling the products and are continuing with our investigation. The relevant authorities have been informed and we are also talking to the two customers.”

Point of sale notices will be displayed in all of the chain’s stores that are selling the product. 

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