M&S cracks prepared banana browning issue

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M&S cracks prepared banana browning issue

Premium retailer said a fruit acid spray prevents bananas from going brown in its prepared fruit salad pots

M&S cracks prepared banana browning issue

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Premium retailer Marks & Spencer has added bananas into a second prepared fruit salad mix after a successful trial to stop them going brown once sliced.

A mix of citric and amino acid is sprayed onto the sliced banana as soon as it’s peeled, replicating the housewife’s trick of drizzling lemon on banana to halt the aging process, M&S said.

M&S fruit technologist Rose Wilkinson said: “We know our customers love banana in fruit salad – it is a delicious addition and adds a lovely soft texture to compliment the other fruits.

“But as everyone who has made fruit salads at home knows – the banana turns black once it is sliced. We’ve spent years trying to overcome this so that we can include it in our prepared fruit salads and were delighted when we discovered a clever trick using fruit acid – just like you would at home with lemon juice. Our customers love the new salads and they are flying off the shelves.”

M&S said it was the first retailer to launch chopped banana in its prepared fruit salads just over a year ago with the banana and berry pot. It recently launched a second pot with kiwi, strawberry, banana and mango.

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