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FTA urges action as Calais disruption returns

Reports of increased attempts by migrants to board lorries have led freight trade body to call for urgent government action

FTA urges action as Calais disruption returns

The Port of Calais is a key produce freight route

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French and British governments need to work together to solve the migrant issue at Calais and protect freight drivers using the port, a trade body has said.

The Freight Trade Association (FTA) said there are reports of increased migrant activity targeting lorries approaching the port, and said more needs to be done to enure the safety of both drivers and migrants.

Pauline Bastidon, FTA head of European policy, said: “We are seeking immediate action by the French police and government in the Calais area to ensure the continued safety of our members in undertaking their daily tasks.

“There is a need for urgent action by the French government to ensure that the area is policed adequately, and to protect drivers transporting goods, so that trade can continue to flow freely between France and the UK.”

According to charity Care 4 Calais, there are at least 500 migrants sleeping rough in the Calais region, following a fire at the Dunkerque camp in April and the Jungle camp being dismantled. 

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