Tesco launches new ‘Zilla Eggs’

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Tesco launches new ‘Zilla Eggs’

An egg box of six small Hass avocados marketed as Zilla Eggs will go on sale this weekend alongside return of the Avozilla

Tesco launches new ‘Zilla Eggs’

Zilla Eggs will suit the breakfast occasion 

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Tesco has launched a new marketing concept with six small Hass avocados sold as ‘Zilla Eggs’ in an egg box format.  

The move, unveiled for the first time this year, will mean Tesco can take more of a crop by selling smaller avocados than normal. It is being run in partnership with Tesco’s avocado supplier Greencell with 1,500 cases sold over a three-week period.

Available in stores this weekend, the ‘Zilla Eggs’ builds on the success and media attention for the ‘Avozilla’, a large avocado measuring between 1.2 and 1.7 kg, compared to the usual 200g. Avozillas have returned to Tesco this week for the third year running with 600 cases in one delivery.

Tesco technical manager Mike Corbett told FPJ the Zilla Eggs concept could appeal to adults and children alike, and work particularly well alongside ‘hen’s eggs’ at breakfast.

"The Zilla Eggs allow us to sell undersized fruit and find them a home in a nice little egg box," he said.

Zilla Eggs and Avozillas will be available across the UK in select stores.

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