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New invention set to revolutionise wooden pallets

Device can increase lifespan of wooden produce pallets by three and a half times, timber company claims

New invention set to revolutionise wooden pallets

Upall is a new device to protect wooden pallets 

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Wooden fresh produce pallets could stay in circulation up to three times longer thanks to a new invention that could revolutionise the pallet sector.

Fitting plastic protectors at the corners and points of entry on wooden pallets protects them from damage meaning they can last up to three and a half times longer and need fewer repairs.

Named Upall, the new venture and product was developed for the European market by timber company James Jones & Sons based on the US pointGUARD invention.

“Rigorous independent testing and trials show that this proprietary product brings remarkable increases to the lifespan of a pallet and reduces its cost significantly,” said chairman of Upall Ltd, Gil Covey. “The considerable increase in service life gives significant environmental advantages over unprotected wooden pallets.”

The protectors can be supplied in corporate colours, with printed logos and other designs, and can be displayed directly at the point of sale in retailers. 

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