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UK kids unsure about origins of their fruit

A survey by juice brand Honest Kids shows a large proportion of Britain's children don't know where a variety of fruit comes from

UK kids unsure about origins of their fruit

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New research by juice brand Honest Kids has shed light on British children’s patchy knowledge of where their fruit comes from.

Their survey, which polled 1000 UK children aged between 6 – 12 years, revealed a fifth of children don’t know that apples are grown on trees, while 60 per cent had no idea where strawberries came from.

The figures also showed 40 per cent didn’t know what an orchard was, and a third have never picked their own fruit. Based on their stats, Honest Kids compiled a list of fruit according to how much or little children knew about their origins.

Top of the list were watermelons, with 94 per cent of children unsure of about how they are grown, while bananas were close behind at 93 per cent, and pineapples at 91 per cent.

Knowledge of British fruit’s beginnings weren’t much better, with 81 per cent not knowing where raspberries came from.

As a result of these findings, author, philanthropist and TV personality Katie Piper teamed up with Honest Kids to invite a group of children - who have never been on a farm before - to spend a day on an organic fruit farm discovering how apples, grapes and berries are grown.

Piper said: “I’m really excited to be working with Honest Kids to encourage more families to get outdoors this summer, visit their local pick-your-own fruit farms and learn more about how fruit is grown.

“A pick-your-own fruit picnic is a great summer activity to do together as a family and a fun way to re-engage with nature whilst also learning a little more about where our food comes from.”

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