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Sainsbury’s named UK’s greenest supermarket

Retailer emits fewer greenhouse gases than any of its competitors, whereas Iceland and discounters have work to do

Sainsbury’s named UK’s greenest supermarket

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Sainsbury’s has been named the UK’s greenest supermarket, producing emissions twelve tomes lower than worst-performing retailer Iceland.

New research from Engaged Tracking has shown that Sainsbury’s emits a lower level of greenhouse gases than any other retailer, closely followed by second-placed Tesco.

Finishing in last place, Iceland produces an intensity of emmisons 34 per cent higher than the average supermarket, while discounters Aldi and Lidl were ranked just above Iceland in eighth and ninth place respectively.

Waitrose was the only grocer outside the so-called Big Four to finish in the top four positions.

The study ranked grocers for their emissions across three “scopes” in which greenhouse gases are categorised. Scopes one and two cover direct emissions from items such as company vehicles and electrical purchases, while scope three covers non-direct pollutants like waste disposal and emissions from employees.

Engaged Tracking chief executive Sam Gill said: “In implementing eco-friendly policies – driven by a desire to attract customers and investors who increasingly appreciate and demand them – companies like Sainsbury’s are changing the game,”

“Sainsbury’s has recognised that as a food retailer its supply chain depends on the health of the natural environment.

“But other supermarkets are not grasping this fast enough. Iceland, Aldi and Lidl make big claims about creating value for customers but they are not doing enough to protect their customers’ environment.”

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