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New soups claim 5 A Day first

Soupologie says its new range is the first to offer consumers all of their five portions of fruit and veg in a single pot

New soups claim 5 A Day first

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A soup manufacturer is claiming to have created the UK's first product to give consumers all of their recommended five portions of fruit and veg in a single pot.

Free-from soup brand Soupologie says its new products offer consumers "a deliciously healthy, quick, convenient and nutritious way to meet the suggested guideline of five portions of fruit and vegetables per day". It comes in three flavours: Green (peas, broccoli, apples, spinach and celeriac, at 45kcal), Orange (butternut squash, yellow peppers, carrots, tomato and mango; 40 kcal) and Red (red cabbage, apples, sweet potato, carrot and beetroot; 40 kcal).

Exclusive to Ocado and selling for £3.60 for 600ml, according to Soupologie the soups have been "carefully chosen to maximise their nutritional impact and immune-boosting properties, without compromising on flavour".

Ocado category buyer for fresh soups Jacques Thudicum said: “This is a revolutionary step change in the fresh soup category, bringing consumers ‘functional’ soup to meet the required five a day. I have no doubt these will be well received by consumers.”

Meanwhile, in a busy week for new launches, Soupologie also unveiled the first chilled drinking vinegars available in the UK. 

The Viva La Vinegar Drinking Vinegars are said to offer a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to juices and smoothies, and are suitable for vegans, and are dairy and gluten free. The Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Vinegar within Viva La Vinegar Drinking Vinegars are organic, raw and unfiltered, which the company explains means they contain the all-important ‘mother’, the cloudy part which is naturally full of enzymes, nutrients and friendly bacteria. The added live cultures are activated upon consumption and get to work in the gut, helping to counteract the strain on the digestive system that can be caused by a modern diet and lifestyle.

The vinegars come in 250ml bottles in three flavours - Kale and Kiwi; Strawberry, Basil and Black Pepper; and Coconut Water and Lime. 

Amanda Argent, co-founder of Soupologie, said: “We’re thrilled to be leading the way with the first range of chilled drinking vinegars in the UK, which can be consumed on a daily basis, between meals or just after a meal to aid digestion. Our innovative 5 a Day soups are also a UK first, offering a deliciously healthy, quick, convenient and nutritious meal option for those with busy lifestyles, and providing the large amount of adults who don’t currently meet the recommended target of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day with a simple solution.”

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