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Thursday 18th June 2020, 12:51 London

Fruitbox: The importance of being local

Coronavirus is boosting demand for domestically grown and locally sourced food, says Rijk Zwaan's Jan Doldersum

Fruitbox: The importance of being local

Jan Doldersum, chain and retail manager at Dutch vegetable breeding and seed production company Rijk Zwaan, believes the concept of local is increasingly resonating with consumers.

That’s not just because more of them want to eat fresh produce that has been produced a shorter distance away, but also because buying those items from somewhere closer to home, or having them delivered along a shorter distribution chain, has become more convenient and therefore more appealing.

It’s a trend that was already in motion prior to the coronavirus outbreak, he says, but one that has also been accelerated by the pandemic.

“In countries like Germany, UK, Switzerland and Austria we already saw before the corona crisis a trend towards more domestic production,” Doldersum tells Fruitnet’s Chris White in the latest episode of the conversation series Fruitbox. “This of course has a huge impact for export countries like Holland and Spain.”

During the interview, Doldersum discusses the impact of coronavirus on the vegetable market, as well as the potential for lasting and permanent change in the global vegetable supply chain.

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