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Carl Collen


Wednesday 27th January 2016, 10:11 London

FLIA 2016 nominee: Enjoya

Enjoya is a stripy pepper from Dutch company Terra Natura

FLIA 2016 nominee: Enjoya

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Enjoya is a unique, yellow/red striped pepper characterised by an aromatic, tangy flavour and a crunchy bite.

Introduced by Terra Natura from the Netherlands, these peppers also boast a very high vitamin C content.

Enjoya is marketed as perfect for a colourful highlight in salads, or as a snack with a vegetable dip.

The product is available in sizes 60mm-80mm, 70mm-90 mm, 80mm-100 mm and 90mm-110 mm, and has already been launched in the Netherlands, UK, US and Germany.

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