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Wednesday 11th December 2019, 12:28 London

Startups take centre stage in Berlin

Fruit Logistica Start-up Day returns on Friday 7 January, featuring 20 companies set to change the fresh produce business

Startups take centre stage in Berlin

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Under the slogan Disrupt Agriculture, the second Fruit Logistica Start-up Day will take place on 7 February 2020, offering a special exhibition format for start-up companies that are developing groundbreaking products, projects and ideas.

Hall 9 of Messe Berlin will become a networking hub for startups and established companies across the entire fresh produce sector to meet and explore those new possibilities.

According to Fruit Logistica, the venue is the perfect place for key decision-makers who would like to get in contact with highly innovative startups from all over the world.

Another highlight will be the Start-up Stage, which will showcase young companies presenting their business models and talking about new technologies as well as their future visions for the industry.

Companies taking part in Fruit Logistica Start-up Day 2020 are as follows:

Micro-climate intelligence to boost production predictability and efficiency

Using blockchain, IoT and AI to digitise fresh produce for traceability and more

Sensors, predictive agronomic models and AI to increase yields and reduce environmental impact

Fresh Agriculture Technologies
Dynamic growing plans and technology to combat pests and disease in real time

Multi-spectral sensors and AI for highly accurate yield estimates

Real-time monitoring of crops to measure growth, quality and development

LettUs Grow
Hardware and software for indoor farms, using patented aeroponic technology

PATS Indoor Drone Solutions
Insect control for horticulture using bat-like drones

Luminescent greenhouse coatings that convert the sun's UV light into Photosynthetically Active Radiation, boosting yields

Pixofarm gives apple producers accurate and real-time information about growth and production

Polariks developed VitoScanner, a hyperspectral sensor that collects information about individual plants

Based on AI algorithms, Revotree builds IoT products and software to manage field operations

Soil Scout
Soil Scout's below-ground monitoring system transmits moisture, temperature and salinity data in near real-time

Stable Group
Stable's price risk management platform enables businesses to manage their exposure to volatile commodity prices

StixFresh developed a food-safe sticker that can extend the shelf-life of fresh fruit by up to two weeks

Strella Biotech
Strella Biotech combines biosensors and IoT to measure and predict fruit ripeness at various steps of the supply chain in real time

Tridge combines data intelligence and human networks to create a trusted B2B ecosystem for validated buyers and suppliers

Tsenso digitises the food supply chain and provides next-level food safety and freshness analytics for industry and consumers

Vertigo Technologies
Fresco by Vertigo Technologies uses microwave technology to measure the internal properties of fresh fruit

Yarok Instabact
Using reagents and AI-driven software to detect dangerous bacteria in food within minutes instead of days

The Fruit Logistica Start-up Day is open to any new company that is developing intelligent solutions which improve efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

More details about the Start-up Day are available on the Fruit Logistica website.

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