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Thursday 18th March 2021, 16:17 London

Fruitbox 57 - Miya Knights, Retail Technology

What does the recent opening of Amazon Fresh mean for the future of food retailing?

Shopping for fruit and veg may soon be a whole lot easier if Amazon’s much-heralded ‘just walk out’ technology becomes a common feature of grocery retailing.

The ecommerce giant opened its first (and indeed second) Amazon Fresh store outside North America in London earlier this month. But what are the implications of this new venture for the way we will shop for food in future?

Retail journalist Miya Knights says the difference is primarily about the shoppers themselves. “It takes the labour away from the customer in terms of having to queue, pick your own goods, bag your own goods, scan them in some cases, then pay for them yourself.”

What’s even more revolutionary, she argues, is the technological barrier to entry. “Amazon has kind of said it will pick and choose who it allows into the store, because you have to download the Amazon Fresh app and download a barcode to gain entry. I don’t there are that many retailers who would open a store and then say it’s not open to everybody.”

Knights is director and publisher of Retail Technology magazine, as well as the co-author of Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce.

Speaking during the latest episode of Fruitnet’s conversation series Fruitbox, she explains how Amazon will disrupt grocery shopping in the years ahead, forcing existing market players to catch up – either by making real-world retailing a more enjoyable experience, or by further blurring the lines between physical stores and e-commerce.

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