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CA grapes moving at record pace

California grape shipments surpassed 4m cartons per week in five out of the six weeks through 13 September, according to USDA figures

CA grapes moving at record pace

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After an explosive start to the 2013 campaign, California table grapes have continued to move at a record pace this season, according to the California Table Grape Commission.

USDA data through 13 September 2013 reveals that five out of the past six weeks have seen week-ending shipment totals of over 4m (19lb/8.6kg) cartons, the CTGC reports. To put such figures into context, last year only one week in the season saw shipments cross 4m cartons.

“Grapes from California are in strong demand worldwide,” said president of the California Table Grape Commission Kathleen Nave. “With nearly 45m boxes shipped, the industry is on pace for another record crop year.”

The industry shipped a total of 18.4m cartons in August 2013, according to USDA data, marking a record for the month of August and a six per cent increase on August 2012. 

Total California table grape volumes surpassed the 100m-carton-mark for the first time in 2012. But that record looks set to be broken again this year, with the crop estimate put at 105.7m cartons. 

This season’s fruit is expected to be available in international markets until the end of January 2014.

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