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Thursday 29th May 2014, 00:17 Melbourne

3D printer creates edible berries

A printer that creates edible fruit using a molecular-gastronomy process claims it will 're-invent the concept of fresh fruit on demand'

Fruit has been catapulted into the realms of sci-fi after a 3D printer that creates replica berries out of edible gel was unveiled this week.

The machine uses a molecular-gastronomy technique called spherification, which combines individual liquid droplets with different flavours into a desired shape.

According to the company behind the concept, Dovetailed, it is aimed at foodies, chefs and anyone interested in making creative dining experiences.

“With our novel printing technique, you can not only re-create existing fruits, but also invent your own creations. The taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit can all be customized,” said Dr. Gabriel Villar, chief inventor at Dovetailed.

Dovetailed founder Dr. Vaiva said the 3D fruit printer will open up new possibilities to professional and amateur chefs.

“We have re-invented the concept of fresh fruit on demand,” Kalnikaite said.

The printer was revealed on 24 May at experimental dining event Tech Food Hack in Cambridge, co-organised by Dovetailed and Microsoft Research Cambridge.



3D fruit printer

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