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Australia mulls Chinese nectarine imports

The Australian Department of Agriculture has announced a preliminary analysis of fresh nectarine imports from China

Australia mulls Chinese nectarine imports

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Australia’s Department of Agriculture has announced it will analyse a request for market access for fresh nectarine imports from China.

The department has already categorised Chinese nectarines according to its pest risk, placing the Chinese stonefruit in the same category as stonefruit imports from the US and New Zealand – two countries that already have access for stonefruit varieties in Australia.

“Given the similarity of pests of concern and that there are appropriate risk management measures for these pests, the risk analysis for nectarine fruit from China will be progressed as a non-regulated analysis of existing policy, consistent with the Import Risk Analysis Handbook 2011,” stated the department on 4 February.

The department has said it publish a draft report on the analysis and invite stakeholders to submit comments on the report.

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