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Asiafruit Congress: charting Asia's rise

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, Asiafruit Magazine is joined by industry experts at Asiafruit Congress to discuss how the market in Asia has evolved

Asiafruit Congress: charting Asia's rise

A panel of industry experts will share their views on how Asia is changing the world produce trade at Asiafruit Congress

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Asiafruit Congress – Asia’s premier fresh produce conference – returns to Hong Kong on 1 September, and organiser Asiafruit Magazine is marking its 20th Anniversary at this year’s event.

To mark this milestone, Asiafruit Congress will kick off with a special session looking back at the sweeping changes in Asia’s fresh produce trade over the past 20 years, and projecting market demand through to 2025.

A panel of leading industry authorities will join Asiafruit Magazine in the session, ‘Charting Asia’s rise: past and future’.

John Piper, founder of Hong Kong-based Food Asia Marketing, helped to set up Asiafruit Magazine, and he brings a wealth of experience in both the retail and wholesale sectors to the discussion. Having represented clients from the US, Europe and Australia with on-the-ground sales and marketing support in Asia-Pacific for almost 30 years, he has witnessed the remarkable evolution of the region’s produce trade first-hand.

Paramount Export Company has played a key role in developing the fresh produce trade into Asia from the US and a range of other global supply sources. President Nick Kukulan, now in his 38th year with the company, will be on-hand to explain the changes he has seen, and share his forecasts for the future.

Geoff Green, head of Capespan Global Procurement, meanwhile, offers his perspective on how Asia’s growth as a market is shaping the global produce trade. How are Asian markets taking a bigger share of supply from key global exporting countries? What influence is Asia’s growth having on supply to other markets around the world, or on the planting of new varieties?

Eric Li, vice-president of Shanghai Yiguo E-commerce, a pioneer of fruit e-tailing in China established in 2005, adds a ‘digital’ dynamic to the discussion. Li, who heads up global sourcing and alliances for the leading Chinese e-commerce player, will outline his projections for market demand in China. He’ll also explain the game-changing role of e-commerce and online marketing in Asia’s fresh produce business.

“With our speakers bringing such a wealth of experience and range of perspectives, this promises to be a fascinating panel discussion to kick off the Asiafruit Congress,” says Asiafruit Magazine editor John Hey.

Other General Sessions at Asiafruit Congress focus on the deeper and more complex role that health and wellness play in fresh produce consumption in Asia compared with Western countries, and the opportunities for growth in Asia’s more developed markets.

Breakout Sessions at this year’s event turn the spotlight on a range of topics, including Turkey’s role as a supplier to Asia, the Philippines as an emerging market, and the banana market opportunity in China.

James Christie and Matt Lantz of market development firm Bryant Christie will also lead a Breakout Session on managing maximum residue levels (MRL), a hot topic in terms of market access for Asia’s fresh produce trade. They’ll be joined by John Chapple of Hunter Food Services, who has extensive practical experience of food production systems in Asia, as well as in-depth knowledge of international MRL regulations.


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