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Early start to NZ kiwiberries

Freshmax New Zealand has anticipated an earlier start to its kiwiberry season, with fruit to hit markets in February

Early start to NZ kiwiberries

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New Zealand’s kiwiberry season is about to kick off with fruit to hit local and export markets in February.

“Due to the warm, dry [weather], New Zealand summer crop estimates are extremely favourable, producing fruit with high brix levels and an excellent flavour profile,” Freshmax New Zealand’s export manager Tracey Burns said in a company statement. “We should also see an earlier start to the season this year which is beneficial for our key export markets.”

The small, easy to eat berries have a short season but a strong shelf-life, which Freshmax NZ says makes the kiwiberry highly prized in export markets.

The fresh produce company has invested in grower programme to build production as increased interest in the fruit drives demand.

Freshmax NZ holds exclusive marketing rights for four kiwiberry varieties that were developed by Plant & Food Research.

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