Australia searches for smoother rinds

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Australia searches for smoother rinds

New study to compare Australian and Washington navel rind textures

Australia searches for smoother rinds

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Growing citrus with smoother rinds could present Australian suppliers with a competitive advantage in Asian markets, according to the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

The state government body is set to undertake a research project to help growers in the Riverina, Riverland and Sunraysia regions compare their fruit with Washington navel rind textures and cultural practices anonymously.

“The aim is to collect some baseline data and if interesting results eventuate and it’s an industry priority, we can start from a more informed base to develop a more extensive project next season,” said NSW DPI’s Steven Falivene.

To take part in the project, growers are being asked to send leaves from their trees for analysis between mid-February and mid-March. Results from the study will be made available in a workshop and report later this year.

The initiative is part of the Riverina Citrus Development Project, which is a partnership between NSW DPI, Riverina Biosecurity and Griffith and District Citrus Growers.

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