Sumo Citrus to go nationwide

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Sumo Citrus to go nationwide

Australian retailer Woolworths will be stocking Sumo Citrus mandarins nationwide for the first season

Sumo Citrus to go nationwide

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Sumo Citrus mandarins will be stocked on Woolworth’s shelves across Australia for the first time from 1 August 2016, as well as at the retailer’s online store.

Some 50,000 trays of the sweet, seedless, larger-sized mandarin are forecast to be harvested this season as a result of tree maturation.

“For the first time ever in Australia, Sumo Citrus mandarins will be available nationwide – this is fantastic news, not just for consumers but for growers too,” said grower Justin Kusselke of Cross Farms Curlwaa. “Each year we learn more and more about the growing habits and challenges of the variety - when is best to pick the fruit, how best to cure the fruit after harvest, what temperature variance is acceptable in transport.”

This year, the marketing campaign will include radio, TV and outdoor ads, and during the 2016 season, dietician and nutritionist Lyndi Cohen is getting on board as an advocate for Sumo Citrus being part of a health, balanced diet.

“Sumo Citrus mandarins are naturally low in kilojoules making this seasonal fruit the ideal healthy snack to help manage your weight and combat sugar cravings when they hit. Reap the benefits of Sumo Citrus mandarins by adding this juicy fruit to kids lunch boxes, seasonal salads, fresh smoothies or enjoy by peeling and eating on the go!” Cohen added.

Freshmax Australia holds the exclusive marketing rights to Sumo Citrus, its proprietary citrus brand, with Freshmax marketing manager Matthew Crouch winning the 2016 PMA-Produce Marketer of the Year Award for the 2015 Sumo Citrus brand awareness campaign.

A full interview with Matthew Crouch on the winning campaign will be published in the upcoming Spring edition of Produce Plus


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