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Citrus Australia releases new Harvest Handbook

Recently issued handbook serves as a guide for consumers to reap quality citrus fruit

Citrus Australia releases new Harvest Handbook

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To ensure fruit is picked in the most feasible way, and to maximise pack-outs, the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) have pre-released the 2016 Australian Citrus Harvest handbook for companies to distribute to clients.

“We want to get grower and picker feedback over the coming harvest season so we can improve the guide and then finalise it in late spring 2016 so it can be printed by next season,” Steven Falivene, NSW DPI Development Office and the main author of the booklet said. 

The filming of a video version of the booklet will also proceed this season. Steven showed his appreciation to numerous pickers, growers and packers that contributed to the content and essence of the booklet.

“The booklet has been produced not only to help turn out top quality export fruit, but to also help pickers have a good experience, through faster picking tips, and continue picking in the long term,” Falivene explained.

Steven is continuing to consult with growers and pickers to add to the handbook’s content. A PDF copy of the booklet has been released to all packers.

Pending funding, Steven plans to produce the booklet in a number of targeted Asian, European and Pacific Island languages.

"Many growers have the language barrier problem for both supervisors and pickers. Growers do not know if the supervisor has properly understood instructions and unsure if they have instructed their pickers correctly.” Falivene added.



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