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Chep launches new solutions

Move aimed at helping customers transform their supply chains for sustainable, long-term change

Chep launches new solutions

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Supply chain solutions provider Chep Australia has launched a new range of services aimed at helping companies in the fresh food and retail industries optimise their performance.

The company says the solutions are based on its extensive 60-year experience in supporting the supply chains of local, national and global businesses.

The Store Solutions service aims to streamline merchandising and replenishment at retail level, in a bid to improve consumer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.

International Solutions will be offered to help optimise sourcing and receiving processes, reducing handling and manual labour costs.

Value Chain Analysis will see Chep’s team work collaboratively alongside clients to look at movements throughout supply chains, identifying any causes of inefficiency.

Finally, the Platform Solutions service will provide a consistent supply of standardised and reusable solutions locally and globally, including various pallets and reusable plastic containers.

“Each of our new solutions help to identify efficiencies, eliminate waste and can improve the performance of our customers’ supply chains,” Phillip Austin, president of Chep Asia Pacific. “They were developed by Chep’s innovative, pragmatic engineers and logistics professionals to help partners move product from the farm or processing facility to the store shelf faster and more efficiently.”

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