Biosecurity planning goes digital

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Biosecurity planning goes digital

Smartphone app helps growers prepare management plan built around six essential steps

Biosecurity planning goes digital

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A new smartphone app is helping fresh produce growers take their biosecurity planning to the next level.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the FarmBiosecurity app is framed around six biosecurity essentials, which help producers develop their own personalised management plan.

 “If you are wondering how to implement biosecurity measures on-farm, the six essentials are a good place to start,” says Alison Saunders, national manager horticulture at Plant Health Australia. “The app is based on the Farm Biosecurity Action Planner, so no matter how you prefer to do business, you will be able to create a plan and get started.”

App users have the choice of selecting a list of actions from a menu, or typing in their own actions. The selections then become a to-do list that can be shared with others or printed out. 

“The app is easy to use and allows producers to take their biosecurity plan with them wherever they go, even if there is no internet access,” said Duncan Rowland, Animal Health Australia’s executive manager of biosecurity and product integrity services.

“Users can also create as many plans as they like, which is helpful for those who have multiple properties or production areas. If you happen to spot anything unusual while you’re out and about, the emergency hotline numbers for both plant and livestock producers are just a tap away.

The app is available via the App store or Google Play. A Windows-ready version of the app is also set to be released.



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