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Foodstuffs see future in bricks and mortar

New Zealand supermarket co-operative Foodstuffs is investing in convenience, ready-made meals and expanding its stores

Foodstuffs see future in bricks and mortar

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New Zealand cooperative Foodstuffs is investing NZ$200m on expanding its supermarkets.

Foodstuffs chief executive Chris Quin told Fairfax Media that it would expand and improve its bricks-and-mortar stores, with a focus on convenient, and ready-made meals.

The investment comes as US e-tail giant Amazon plans its move into Australia and follows Amazon’s acquisition of US grocer Whole Foods in June.

"What Amazon and Whole Foods do will be very defining for our marketplace,” Quinn said.

"We have got a great insight on customers at the moment. Guessing the future around what the mix of physical, digital, experience, value, emotion and style is going to be for our customers in the future - that is where the big bets get placed."

Quinn told Fairfax that he expects customers to continue to visit physical stores at least twice a week, with customers looking for convenient, healthy and ethically sourced food.

As a result, Foodstuffs will be partnering with a technology business to bring new ideas in-store and enhance the customer experience, which will includes expanding its ready-to-cook meal range.

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