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Australia eyes tropical fruit exports

A report developed by Hort Innovation explains potential for export of six tropical fruit categories

Australia eyes tropical fruit exports

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Many Australian tropical fruits currently undergo little to no export activity. The Australian Tropical Fruit Export Strategies 2023 report will aid in the execution of six new approaches to develop export of corresponding tropical fruit categories.

Papaya, Passionfruit, lychees, bananas, persimmons and limes will be the focus of the strategy.

Hort Innovation’s chief executive, John Lloyd, believes that there are clear opportunities for bananas, while highly perishable fruits like papaya may face some challenges.

“In relation to bananas, research has found that Australian bananas cannot compete just on price due to higher labour and freight costs than our competitors, which are mostly developing countries,” he said.

“However, there is an opportunity to market niche high-end products, highlighting strengths such as our environmentally sustainable production systems and the rich taste and colour that make Aussie bananas unique.”

Australia’s dark-skinned passionfruit varieties were also tipped to be a category with strong export potential. Alongside New Zealand, the dark-skinned variety is only produced in the two countries.

“Discerning consumers, particularly in Asia, like premium-quality fruit that is attractive, and unique,” said Lloyd. “Partnering with New Zealand to extend our supply window could certainly bring decent returns to Aussie growers.”

The Australian Tropical Fruit Export Strategies 2023 report was funded by Hort Innovation and developed using research from market-mapping company McKinna et al.

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