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Nutrano debuts Lady Jane

A new brand from Nutrano Group enjoyed a short first season, with future prospects for export

Nutrano debuts Lady Jane

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Late 2018 saw the first semi-commercial production of RA17 and R10-8 mangoes, marketed as Lady Jane. Nutrano Group, who hold the plant breeding rights to both varieties, says the project has been 25 years in the making. The variety is a cross between Irwin (female) and R2E2 (male).

“We developed Lady Jane to offer customers a better eating experience with a superior flavour and appearance,” says Nutrano executive general manager marketing and exports Brett Jackson.

“They have a brilliant red blush with a rich sweet flavour, a smooth firm flesh with no or little fibre and a smaller seed.  Lady Jane has a higher Brix level of 14-17 per cent. Their robust quality can withstand all aspects of the supply chain giving a significantly better shelf life.”

Due to limited quantities this year the mango was only available in selected Woolworths stores in Sydney, and was targeted toward premium shoppers and ‘keen mango enthusiasts.’

“There is certainly export potential with this variety as it offers a significantly better shelf life and is more robust so can handle long journeys,” says Jackson.

Currently the group have plantings in Spain, South Africa and the Northern Territory in Australia.

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