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New promotion for NZ tomatoes

Short animations used to highlight key nutritional and food safety messages

Peak industry body TomatoesNZ has ramped-up its promotional activity with the release of two short animations.

Posted on YouTube, the videos highlight the nutritional value of New Zealand-grown tomatoes, along with explaining why tomatoes imported from Australia need to be irradiated.

TomatoesNZ contributes to a range of fresh vegetable promotional activities and programmes. These include developing and managing retailer promotional programmes and the publication of fresh vegetable cookbooks. The peak body also advises chefs, cooking schools and polytechnics on vegetable seasonality and preparation.

The website – a not-for-profit levy-funded organisation representing a collaboration of national vegetable industry groups – acts as TomatoesNZ’s main promotion tool.

TomatoesNZ is also a member of United Fresh, which runs the 5+ A Day programme, promoting the health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables.

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