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Aus-Pakistan mango project gets extension

An Australian-backed project to improve mango production quality in Pakistan has been extended

Aus-Pakistan mango project gets extension

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The Agricultural Sector Linkages Programme has been working for the last two years to improve mango production techniques in Pakistan, as well as improving fruit quality throughout the export supply chain.

The project has led to some significant improvements, such as lime-washing of fruit to avoid sap-burn, the management of Mango Sudden Decline Syndrome, and market development in China.

“The project has been very well received, particularly by growers with access to export markets,” ACIAR coordinator Les Baxter told Fruitnet. “It’s been extended to 2011, about 12-18 months.”

Mr Baxter said the Australian backed project, which has included staff from the Queensland and West Australian Departments of Primary Industries and Fisheries, and the University of Queensland, has served as a gathering point for other mango development initiatives in Pakistan.

“The Pakistani team in the lead, the Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Board, has used this project to pull together a number of other efforts,” he said.

“It’s all tied in; there are a number of domestic programmes and donor programmes we’re working together with,” he said.

Mr Baxter said the ultimate aim of the project is to get better returns for Pakistani growers. “The results mean they can get better yields, they can get better quality, and they’re getting a better understanding of export requirements like picking time and fruit quality.”

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