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Queensland predicts short mango crop

Australian mango growers across Queensland are expecting a lighter crop and higher returns this season

Queensland predicts short mango crop

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Mango growers in Queensland, Australia, are predicting a smaller crop and consequently higher prices this season, according to

Producer Ian Purshouse told ABC that picking would begin over the next few months, and that prices "will definitely be higher than normal on account of the shortage".

Wet weather hampered mango production for another grower interviewed: "Mangoes are a fickle thing to grow," said Robert Crikes. "We had an excellent year last year but this year the season has changed - we've gone back into wet conditions."

Meanwhile, mango production in the Philippines is set to fall by at least 10 per cent this year due to damage inflicted by typhoon Juan, reports Manila Standard Today.

Revised forecasts peg volumes at 800,000 tonnes, down from 900,000 tonnes in 2009, the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organisation told the publication.

The group said mango output would likely fall to 700,000 tonnes next year, due to increased processing costs.

The Philippines' Department of Agriculture is negotiating the export of fresh mango to Taiwan, and is also looking into Canada and European countries as other new markets for Philippine mangoes, the Manila Standard said.


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