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IG International

IG International has been one of the largest importers of fresh fruit in India for over 50 years. It sources an extensive selection of high-quality premium exotic fresh fruits with partners, growers and marketers in over 23 countries around the world, with an annual volume exceeding 120,000 tonnes. Its strengths include a substantial sales and distribution network that covers the length and breadth of the Indian market and includes company-owned wholesale outlets, traditional and modern retail channels, and e-commerce platforms. With experienced sales personnel, a vast network of high-value wholesalers, dedicated retailers, and millions of cart vendors nationwide, IG is a dominant player in the Indian market. What sets IG International apart from its competitors is its company-owned, integrated, refrigerated supply chain and logistics network. The company has strategically located temperature-controlled cold storage facilities throughout India and a large fleet of refrigerated trucks. IG International is also expanding into cultivating imported fruits on Indian soil. It has formed several joint ventures and collaborations with major players in the industry to introduce plant bioscience, controlled environment agriculture, protected farming, AI and ML-enabled farming practices, and more to its farms. As a responsible and ethical business, IG International is committed to creating and delivering value to all of its stakeholders in India and abroad.
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Asia Fruit Logistica

Asia Fruit Logistica is Asia’s leading exhibition for fresh fruit and vegetable marketing. Asia Fruit Logistica attracts the top players in the fresh produce business hosting more than 800 exhibitors from 41 countries and some 12,000 buyers and business visitors from more than 70 nations in 2019. More than 60 per cent of attendees come from key markets throughout Asia. Asia Fruit Logistica provides excellent opportunities to meet and do business with key suppliers and customers from all over the world, whilst developing new ideas to move your business forward. This year will Asia Fruit Logistica will be back in Hong Kong from 6 - 8 September 2023.
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Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica is the world’s leading international trade fair for fresh produce marketing. Held annually in Berlin, Germany, it is the traditional marker of the New Year in the fresh produce business. Fruit Logistica attracts a broad spectrum of exhibiting companies, representing all steps in the value chain from production to point-of-sale. It offers trade visitors from all over the world the opportunity to gain an overview of the emerging trends, products and technologies in the industry, and forms an excellent platform for establishing and strengthening international business contacts. The event features a full conference and seminar programme. In 2024, Fruit Logistica takes place on 7 - 9 February in Berlin.
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Citrus Australia

Citrus Australia is the peak industry body for Australian citrus. With 1,500 commercial citrus growers across Australia, Citrus Australia’s collective efforts are designed to improve and enhance fruit quality, and industry capacity and capability. Export is a key component of the industry, which has a diverse portfolio of established export markets. Citrus Australia is focused on identifying and fostering relationships in new markets throughout the subcontinent.
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Sinclair based in Fresno, California and Norwich, England, Sinclair has nine label manufacturing sites worldwide with produce labelling technology installed in more than 50 countries. Showcase your brand and improve packinghouse efficiency with automated, high-speed fruit labelling solutions. Sinclair offers a wide range of labels, including certified compostable options.
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The Westfalia Fruit Group has the most diverse avocado-growing footprint globally with an operational presence in five continents and 15 countries growing, sourcing, ripening, packing and processing. Westfalia’s wide production base ensures a consistent supply of the best quality avocados, from at least two sources at any time of the year, supported by a vertically integrated supply chain to ensure maximum efficiencies in terms of carbon footprint and food miles.
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