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Our live content programme brings you top-level talks, interviews and discussions about the future of the international fresh berry business on three different stages: speakers on the Headline Hub assess key trends to deepen your understanding of today’s fresh berry supply chains; the Fresh Ideas stage allows speakers to share more detailed information about new and emerging features of the industry; and the Launchpad features exciting new products and technologies.


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Headline Hub

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Headline Hub

With an eye on current trends and future developments, speakers on our Headline Hub stage assess key areas of the fresh berry business, from the production end of the supply chain all the way to the major consumer markets. The Headline Hub is a place for all stakeholders, from breeders and growers to buyers and category managers to deepen their understanding of today’s fresh berry supply chains.



Opening remarks

  • Mike Knowles, Fruitnet Europe (UK)



Put to the test

Keynote — Major developments and future challenges in the global berry market.

  • Cindy van Rijswick, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness (Netherlands)



The challenge ahead

Panel —  In a new, post-pandemic world, how must berry suppliers and retailers adapt to the new commercial reality?

  • José Gandía, SAT Royal (Spain)
  • Lisette Holmberg, ICA (Sweden)
  • Jonathan Lock, Marks & Spencer (UK)

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Networking break



Secure the future

Panel —  What is the berry business doing to introduce ethical and sustainable practices, and what more must be done in the near future?

  • Lea Esterhuizen, &Wider (Netherlands)
  • Robert van Melle, Eosta (Netherlands)


Talk —  Learn how to monitor and address sustainability risks.

  • Nico Broersen, Agriplace (Netherlands)


Talk —  A pallet-based system to extend berry shelf-life.

  • Bas Groeneweg, PerfoTec (Netherlands)



Networking break



Data-driven berry supply

Talk —  The power of quality, Part 1: What retailers really want

  • Andreas Allenspach, Agrinorm (Switzerland)

Talk —  The power of quality, Part 2: How to meet retail requirements

  • Bert Barmans, Special Fruit (Belgium)
  • Daria Reisch, Agrinorm (Switzerland)



Networking lunch



New market opportunities

Video interview —  The development of fresh berry supply and demand in Asia.

  • Michael Oates, Haygrove China (China)

Interview —  A fresh look at the Chilean blueberry business.

  • Andrés Armstrong, Chilean Blueberry Committee (Chile)

Video interview —  OzBlu expands its Southern Hemisphere supply base.

  • Roger Horak, United Exports (Australia)



Transformative technologies

Panel —  How can a new breed of varietal developers bring extra value to the berry category?

  • Kate James, VentureFruit (New Zealand)
  • Hans Liekens, Sekoya (Belgium)
  • Matteo Molari, G-Berries (Italy)

Talk & Interview —How can gene editing techniques help the berry category to grow?

  • Herco van Liere, KeyGene (Netherlands)

Talk  —A new concept for fully automated strawberry production. 

  • Martin Veenstra, Certhon (Netherlands)

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Networking break



In-depth discussions

Interview —  The role of the retailer.

  • Jonathan Lock, Marks & Spencer  (UK)

Interview —  How to build a valuable global fruit brand.

  • Nele Moorthamers, Zespri Europe (Belgium)



Closing remarks

  • Mike Knowles, Fruitnet Europe (UK)



Drinks reception



Fresh Ideas

Our Fresh Ideas stage allows speakers to share more detailed information about new and emerging features of the fresh berry business – from research and development to marketing and category management strategies, and from exciting new varieties to innovative marketing campaigns.



The toughest of challenges

Interview —  What does Russia’s invasion mean for berry exporters in Ukraine?

  • Oleksandr Pukshyn, Blue Berry (Ukraine)



Coming up from the Mediterranean

Interview —  Further growth potential in Morocco’s export business.

  • Nabil Belmkaddem, Bestberry Cooperative (Morocco)



Sowing the seeds of success

Talks — New varieties to unlock new potential in Poland.

  • Dominika Kozarzewska, Polskie Jagody (Poland)
  • Tadeusz Kusibab, In-vitro Kusibab (Poland)



Portuguese progress

Interview —  How can Portugal secure a bigger slice of the berry market?

  • Rebecca McGlashan, The Summer Berry Company (UK)
  • Daniel Portelo, The Summer Berry Company (Portugal)




The Launchpad stage features products and technologies that can create valuable opportunities in the international berry business, including the latest digital tools, advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, modern greenhouse systems, and new ways to guarantee product quality. 



Packaging precision

Talk —  Sustainable solutions for long-distance suppliers.

  • Gary Ward, StePac (Israel)



Robotics in practice – how to get the ball rolling?

Talk — A look at how automation can bring new advantages in berry production.

  • Tom Coen, Octiva (Belgium)



Supercharged strawberries

Talk —  A modern, tech-driven future for strawberry cultivation.

  • Bart Jongenelen, Delphy (Netherlands)



Solar-powered production

Talk — A new tool to secure energy supply and optimise crop growth.

  • Sven Menge, Insolight (Switzerland)