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Thursday 28th January 2021, 09:42 Central Time

Fruitbox 52 · Ben Page, Ipsos Mori

The CEO of one of the world's leading market research firms considers the pandemic's long-term impact on consumers

How has Covid-19 changed our attitudes as consumers? And what will happen next as a result?

Two hugely important questions for any company, but especially so for those involved in the fruit and vegetables business, which has seen massive spikes in demands as well as severe shocks to some of its supply chains as a result of the pandemic.

Ben Page, chief executive of leading consumer research firm Ipsos Mori, says he believes the pandemic has massively changed behaviour all over the world, although it remains to be seen how consumer values will be altered in the longer term.

"I think you've got that greater interest in health, which is not surprising in a global pandemic," he tells Fruitnet's Chris White during the latest episode of Fruitnet's conversation series Fruitbox.

"And I think the big thing for many of the brands we work with in the FMCG space is a consumer need for reassurance, familiarity, and security."

In addition, Page explains, there has been a massive rise in the number of people wanting to buy local.

"By which I mean their country market for goods, and certainly rise in national pride in many markets," he comments. "Wanting to know a bit more about provenance – it was a trend that was there before; it seems to have been accelerated."

And finally, largely out of necessity, people are eating at home far more. "Out-of-home eating will be under pressure for some time, to be quite honest," he adds. "And even after we're freed from government lockdowns, a lot of people will still have their income squeezed."

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