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Friday 23rd July 2021, 11:34 London

Fruitbox 67 - Mike Corbett, Tesco

Tesco's technical manager for salads considers the role that data plays in today's modern supermarket supply chains

The supermarkets’ rapid rise has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the amount of data that flows along their supply chains.

But as Tesco’s technical manager for salads Mike Corbett explains in the latest episode of Fruitbox, all of that information helps to reassure consumers that the food they buy has been sourced in a safe, secure, ethical and sustainable manner.

“The demand for more data and more insight has steadily risen  [over the last 30 years],” Corbett explains. “There are lots of ways and means of capturing data and demonstrating to consumers that we are being ethical, we are trying to be sustainable, we are trying to be traceable, we do care about provenance. A huge amount of data has to be captured to demonstrate our credentials.”

For some in the business, it might seem that retailers ever-increasing demand for information is excessive and perhaps even intrusive. But as Corbett observes, efforts have been made to reduce the administrative burden on suppliers.

“We’re continually demanding more information, and greater access, but we’re building up these pictures to help customers understand that we’re trying to do the right thing by them,” he argues.

“Yes, it can be quite challenging for suppliers and producers, but there are reasons for that. These are things that customers care about.”

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Produced by Fruitnet Media International, the show is essential listening for everyone in the fresh produce industry.

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