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Friday 16th July 2021, 10:35 London

Fruitbox 66 - Nico Broersen, AgriPlace

Is your supply chain information buried away in a spreadsheet or email database? If so, it may be time for a rethink

What does ‘managing your data better’ actually mean? For Nico Broersen Junior of Dutch startup AgriPlace, it can be something as simple as reducing the volume of emails you send and receive, or minimising the number of times you enter information into a spreadsheet.

Even for tech-savvy people in the fruit and veg business, it can be hard to understand what data management really involves in practice.

But as Broersen warns in the latest episode of Fruitnet’s conversation series Fruitbox, fresh produce companies are storing up trouble for themselves by hoarding crucial information in “dangerously large spreadsheets”, “endless folders” and increasingly large email databases.

“This makes it really hard to see what is going on in your supply chain, and also to identify risks,” he explains. “When a risk occurs – for example a producer loses its certification – you want to be able to see through which packhouses and suppliers a product has arrived, to avoid risk now or later on.”

And with retailers asking more and more of their suppliers to know precisely where their products originate, these days the stakes are even higher.

That’s why AgriPlace is helping companies move to safer and more sustainable practices, by using digital systems to collect information automatically and keep it accessible.

“We help companies ensure the product fulfils the customer requirements, while saving them time and cost by not having to send endless emails and filling spreadsheets and ERP systems manually,” he says.

Hosted by Chris White in London, Fruitbox now attracts a big audience across the global fruit and vegetable business that tunes in every week to hear exclusive interviews and expert analysis. Produced by Fruitnet Media International, the show is essential listening for everyone in the fresh produce industry.

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Produced by Fruitnet Media International, the show is essential listening for everyone in the fresh produce industry.

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