Seeka Moya

Connecting sustainable produce to the world

Seeka™ connects international markets with quality New Zealand and Australian produce. A leader in sustainable fruit production, Seeka has built a supply chain that ensures the produce it handles arrives on time and in great condition.

Formed in the 1980s, Seeka’s focus on excellence has seen the company grow into a multinational produce handler that is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. The largest producer of kiwifruit in New Zealand and the largest producer and supplier of both kiwifruit and Nashi pears in Australia, Seeka handles a wide range of produce across both countries and exports produce to the world.

Seeka’s strategy is to be a leading provider of sustainable, horticultural services and produce, and to generate wealth for its shareholders and deliver leading and sustainable benefits to its supplying growers, employees and stakeholders.

Closely connected to its communities Seeka is enabling regional economies in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Seeka MOYA