Chilean truckers strike

Chilean truckers’ strike partially lifted


With cold stores filling up and fruit unable to get to ports, Asoex and Fedefruta are calling for all remaining unions to end their walkout

  • Chilean truckers’ strike partially lifted

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Zespri SunGold in NZ

Zespri updates 2022/23 forecast

Second full estimate sees per tray returns for SunGold kiwifruit decline from August 2022 forecast, Green returns steady

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Stephen McCutcheon Elke Cleverdon and Jan Vydra Hort Innovation board

Hort Innovation welcomes two new directors

Elke Cleverdon and Stephen McCutcheon join board of grower-owned research and development corporation


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BGI-Sanya and KeyGene collaborate on spatial transcriptomics

The main aim of the collaboration is to be able to quickly identify lead genes associated with important crop traits in order to develop crops with durable resistance