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Halos on in Australia

California-grown seedless mandarins hit retail shelves across Eastern Seaboard

Halos on in Australia

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Turners International Marketing has launched a new season for US-grown Halos mandarins in Australia.

Produced in California by Wonderful Citrus, the fruit is being sold in 750g prepacks and 9kg loose cartons through specialist greengrocers in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Turners International is working with Nutrano Produce Group on the distribution of the seedless, easy peel mandarins through their stands at wholesale markets across the three states.

“The launch of Halos Mandarins at the Nutrano Produce Group stand in the Sydney market this week (starting 25 February) went well and we are looking forward to launching at our Nutrano Produce Group stands in Brisbane and Melbourne markets next week,” said Nutrano Produce Group CEO, George Haggar.


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