US port handles less TEUs in September than 12 months ago

The Port of Oakland’s total loaded container volume declined by 7.9 per cent in September (2022), compared to September 2021.

Just under 132,600 loaded TEUs passed through the US port last month, compared to 143,991 TEUs the year prior.

Loaded imports came in at 77,803 TEUs last month, compared to 81,789 TEUs in September 2021.

Year-to-date, import volumes are down by 5 per cent compared to the first nine months of 2021.

Loaded export came in at 54,756 TEUs in September 2022, compared to 62,203 TEUs the year prior.

The port reported positive growth in empty containers passing through its docks last month, with a 38.3 per cent increase in empty exports and a 23.9 per cent uptick in empty imports, compared to September 2021.

“Ocean carriers operating out of the Port of Oakland have yet to re-instate many scheduled services,” the Port of Oakland said in a media release. “Exporters are less inclined to book cargo on ships that will not arrive on a predictable schedule.”