JBT - CoreTakr Flex

Global food and drink technology giant JBT Corporation has unveiled CoreTakr Flex, a robotic decoring system for leafy greens.

CoreTakr Flex provides automatic and semi-automatic decoring solutions for 15 different leafy greens varieties, including iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce and celery. The platform can process up to 2,400 heads per hour.

Carlos Fernandez, executive vice president of JBT Corporation, said CoreTakr Flex has been designed to reduced waste, decrease carbon footprints and provide a continuous reconfigurable outfeed.

“We are thrilled to launch CoreTakr Flex, a technology that will provide our customers the safest and most advanced solution on the market,” said Fernandez.

“By adopting CoreTakr Flex, customers are investing in their business and in the planet by adopting a sustainable solution that reduces waste and increases yield and quality, getting the most value out of each product.”

CoreTakr Flex utilises JBT’s FTNON robotic systems. FTNON automates repetitive human labour tasks in fresh food applications, while also capturing a wealth of product data.

This data includes production overviews, raw material data and details of the incoming product, which is used to inform the robot decoring system. Furthermore, process data and machine data are stored and used to predict maintenance, maximise machine effectiveness and optimise product quality.