From humble beginnings, UK-headquartered company becomes world leader in tray sealing solutions

Tray sealing specialist Proseal is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023.

Founded by Steve Malone and Robbie Hargreaves in a small unit in Bollington, UK, the company launched its first tray sealer, the PR30, in May 1998.

Since then, Proseal has manufactured 6,000 machines for nearly 3,000 customers worldwide. Its top sealing solutions are used by a variety of sectors, including ready meals, meat and poultry, petfood, plant-based protein and, most notably, soft fruit.

Proseal’s oldest customer, UK-based Kershaws Frozen Foods, has congratulated the company on reaching the quarter-century milestone.

“As Proseal’s longest-standing customer, Kershaws Frozen Foods was the very first company to invest in the Proseal PR30, back in 1998,” said David Wright of Kershaws Frozen Foods.

“Two and a half decades later and our partnership remains strong, as Proseal continues to deliver the same quality and efficiency to our production and packaging operations as it has done since day one.”

Along with its comprehensive range of tray sealing products, Proseal has diversified its offering into complementary equipment, including conveyors and case packers. It has also introduced a variety of technical innovations, such as its unique E-sealing and Pro-Motion technologies, alongside a number of patented developments.

The company employs over 500 staff, who work from its manufacturing headquarters in Adlington, UK, along with its facilities in the US and Australia. It has a worldwide network of distributors.

Proseal became part of the JBT Corporation in 2019.

“One of the main reasons behind Proseal’s success has been its determination to remain true to the values of technical and service excellence that were the foundations on which the business was first established,” said Jon Garner, president of JBT Packaging Group.

“The 25th anniversary is a testament to the company’s unparalleled expertise and innovative talents within the business. We congratulate each and every member of the team on their unique contribution in helping us to reach this milestone.

“We will continue to drive the business forward to further success and growth, working in partnership with our customers in the development of high-quality packing equipment to meet the changing needs of the many different markets and countries we serve.”

Proseal will mark the anniversary later this year with an open day at its UK headquarters for customers and team members, past and present.

Image: Proseal