Just under 13m cartons have been packed so far this season

A strong August harvest is providing the US Pacific Northwest cherry industry with some late season marketing opportunities.

“With just over 2m boxes (cartons) shipped so far, August has held up to the expectation that it will deliver a strong late season opportunity,” according to an update from industry association Northwest Cherry Growers (NWCG).

“These are the cherries that leave the impressions of the season, and there is still time left to take advantage of the shoppers they draw.”

NWCG said 12.9m cartons have been packed this season (to date).

The harvest has now moved into the Northwest’s highest peaks and latitudes.

“The weather in the Northwest appears to have stabilised, and the general forecast is encouraging for the remaining 2022 volume on the trees,” the update added.

While August has been fruitful, 2022 will likely be the smallest Northwest since 2008, when 9.7 cartons were packed.