Zespri commissions new study


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Zespri commissions new study

Flavour and nutrient composition of kiwifruit to be the focus of research project being conducted by Metabolomic Discoveries

Zespri commissions new study

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Zespri hopes a new biochemical study will provide it with a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind the flavour, quality and nutrients of its kiwifruit.

The single-desk marketer has engaged Metabolomic Discoveries to carry out the research, which will utilise Flavour Profiler technology to define the fruit's flavour profiles and nutrient compositions and match them to Zespri’s consumer sensory data.

“The biggest benefit of working with metabolomics technology is that we can measure all the compounds at once, where in the past only a handful of biochemical compounds could be detected in routine testing,” says Zespri’s Greg Clark.

“The point of difference for us with Metabolomic Discoveries is that they can do a comprehensive analysis of all the compounds in our kiwifruit. We believe the outcome of this research project will be very important for our research and development and production strategy to help us deliver even better Zespri Kiwifruit in the near future.”

Josephine Worseck from Metabolomic Discoveries says there is still much to learn about flavour in kiwifruit.

”The research information available today concentrates on only a limited number of specific compounds,” Worseck says. “However, several hundred of compounds are involved in delivering a good kiwi flavour.

“With our Flavour Profiler and metabolomics technology, we hope to shed a light on aroma and taste components in Zespri Kiwifruit varieties, environmental influences and nutrient diversity between the varieties.”

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