Taiwan imposes new import requirements

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Taiwan imposes new import requirements

Japanese traders must include radiation residual test results on exports

Taiwan imposes new import requirements

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Japanese exporters will soon be required to enclose a certificate of origin and radiation residue test results on consignments bound for Taiwan.

The new regulations, being imposed by Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW), will take effect on 15 May, according to the China Post.

The radiation residue results must be attained from the Japanese government, agencies approved by the Japanese government or Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration agency. The origin documents must clearly state the name of the city or region where the produce was grown.

The regulations apply to fruit produced in the Miyagi, Iwate, Tokyo, and Ehime areas. Meanwhile, five prefectures surrounding the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster will continue to have limited access to the Taiwanese market.

The MHW said the regulations are aimed at guaranteeing food safety for infants and children, according to the China Post.

The move has frustrated Japanese traders and export authorities, who have questioned why the additional requirements have been applied. “Taiwan's policies are unbelievable,” Komatsu Michihiko of Tokyo-based Interchange Association told the China Post.

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