BGP increases Egyptian citrus programme

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BGP increases Egyptian citrus programme

Exporter targets 700 containers over 2015/16 season, as demand rises out of Asia

BGP increases Egyptian citrus programme

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Attention to detail continues to pave a golden road from Egypt to Asia for BGP International.

The Melbourne-based fresh produce exporter began exporting Egyptian citrus to Indonesia in 2000 and the programme has grown consistently ever since, thanks largely to a commitment to quality.

“We have had great success with Egyptian citrus in Asia due entirely to the quality standards of the packers we work with, combined with our quality control team on the ground in Egypt,” BGP International’s managing director Neil Barker said. “The demand for excellent quality fruit in Asia continues to grow and that is the market we have targeted.”

BGP hopes to export around 700 containers of Egyptian citrus over the 2015/16 season, up from 500 containers last season. With customers spread across China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and the UAE, there is seemingly no shortage of demand.

“Asia is very receptive to Egyptian citrus and apart from access issues for Philippines and Thailand, and the various restrictions in Indonesia, there are no major hurdles,” Barker explained.

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