Foosball fever to hit PMA Fresh Summit

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Foosball fever to hit PMA Fresh Summit

Visitors invited to play US representatives at I Love Produce booth

Foosball fever to hit PMA Fresh Summit

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Visitors to the I Love Produce stand at next month’s PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans will have a chance to test their foosball prowess against two champions of the sport.

Todd Loffredo and Kristin Grogan, who have both represented the US at the Foosball World Cup in Europe, will be taking on all challengers during the three-day trade show.

Loffredo is considered to be among the greatest American foosball players of all time, having won over 75 major titles, including 28 individual World Championships on five different tables.

Grogan has won over 40 title and is regarded as one of the top goalies in the sport.

“Todd and I appreciated the idea of representing I Love Produce because eating well and taking care of our health has been one of the keys to our success and longevity in the sport of foosball,” said Grogan.

“Plus we plan on having a lot of fun teaching our sport and taking on all challengers that stop by the booth.”

The pair’s appearance is the brainchild of I Love Produce owners Neil Millman and Jim Provost, who were foosball partners long before they became business partners. 

“Neil and I have been playing foosball together since we were 16 years old, so about 40 years.” explained Provostht.  “When we learned that there is an international foosball following with tournaments and even a World Cup we started playing again. 

“We met Todd and Kristin at a tournament and saw them as not only great promoters of foosball, but also as supporters of the fresh produce industry.”

All competitors will also go into the draw to win a brand new professional foosball table.



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